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Time zones

List of countries grouped by current UTC offset

This page lists all countries of the world, plus major regions and cities, grouped by their current UTC offset.

  • UTC is practically the same as GMT.
  • A UTC offset is the difference in time between UTC time and a location's observed time.
  • There are currently 37 observed UTC offsets in the world (38 when Iran is on standard time).
  • Minor exceptions and unofficial time zones are not included on this page.
  • Find time and time zone info for other locations through the search box at the top of this page.
  • Country names are highlighted.
  • Countries with multiple time zones have a grey background.
  • Regions with multiple time zones have a dashed underline.

This page will be updated when a change in observed UTC offset occurs, such as when DST begins or ends somewhere. The next update is scheduled for 2022-05-08 02:00 UTC, when DST starts in Morocco and Western Sahara.




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